For more than 30 years, Devatec has been innovating in research and manufacturing humidification solutions.

Always in advance of technology, Devatec engineers were the first to launch on market a complete solution such as ElectroVap with its disposable or cleanable cylinder and its LCD display, CMC (for small steam flow) with its steam blower, steam bath units, spray stainless steel nozzles, Venturi for room direct display, Quick pack BV system for pre-assembled nozzle facilitating installation, ultrasonic for an AHU or duct or cool room humidification.

Recently Devatec keeps on its growth and have introduced on electric humidifiers market a resistance unit including cleaning system at a very attractive price.

Devatec which combines dynamism and competence is currently present in more than 70 countries on the 5 continents.

Hence, to solve your problems of humidification choose Devatec solutions which are recognized by all its users for their reliability and their high technology.


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